Who Is Your softwarepulsaelektrik NFL Team?


  When it comes to being the underdawg in the NFL or not getting the respect they deserve in my opinion it’s the Tennessee Titans. That’s why they’re my softwarepulsaelektrik in the NFL right now. They have a lot of people counting them down and out. I feel they are going to give people a reason to cheer for them this season.

          It’s easy to judge a team based on their last year record or how a player preformed. In some cases that’s true, but how can you ignore the moves the Titans have made and how healthy key players are. Not only that the Titans have picked up some players in key positions and defense looks solid.

     The Titans have a running game lead by running backs Derrick Henry and Dion Lewis, and a defense with the potential to make some noise in the league. They have a bunch of talent at linebacker and impressive secondary compared to others in the NFL. And you can not forget the offensive line which can easily be ranked top 10.

          The major key on how the season goes is how the QB Mariota do.  His game play has not consistent throughout his four years in the league, dealing with injuries and offensive changes. That should change with a healthy line and mo3 offensive weapons.

          The Tennessee Titans are in the right spot to make some noise in the NFL and get the respect they deserve. The Titans are a true softwarepulsaelektrik ready to prove to the league they are ready to win!